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Welcome to Cinderella Cares

            A 501c3 lung cancer charity serving our community

Our Doctors

​Cinderella Cares is because of our mother, Cinderella Salmon of Jamaican roots who immigrated to the United States to live the American dream and to provide for her family by caring for other families through her vocation as a Nursing Assistant.
Cinderella lost her three year battle against cancer on April 17, 2011. Through the struggle she remained a joyful person that cared deeply about others. Cinderella spent her life giving back to her family, her coworkers, and her community. A dignified woman of strength and kindness, she left a loving message about a life well lived and the importance of giving back and caring for your fellow citizens.

Her sons and daughter heard her message and chose to continue her legacy of caring by creating “Cinderella Cares” a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Sonia Salmon-Gayle, Health Care Administrator/President, Comedian/Actor Ian Salmon/Vice-President, and Eglon Daley Artist/Treasurer felt called upon to use their talents in developing a unique approach to fundraising through the medium of Comedy and the Arts.

We want to raise revenues to assist families as they navigate their way through “The System” to survival, says President, Sonia Salmon-Gayle. We want to support the work of research, which includes molecular testing in hopes of a “Cure”. Our motto is: Awareness, Cure and Early Detection (ACE). Lets ACE lung cancer together and reduce the mortality rate so our loves one can live longer lives free from cancer, more Survivors.

Our partners in this endeavor and recipients of foundation dollars include Lung Cancer Alliance, Washington DC, , Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Springs, MD, and one time giving to USC Norris Cancer Center in LA.

How it Works

Sonia Salmon Gayle, President

Sonia is the second child of Cinderella she is a PhD Candidate in Health Psychology from Walden University and holds Masters degrees from Loyola University and Barry University. 


Eglon Daley,

Eglon is the first child of Cinderella Salmon and is an internationally recognized artist, some of his work can   be seen throughout Washington, DC's government buildings.


Ian Salmon,
Vice President

Ian is the entertainer of the family he is the last child of Cinderella, he toured internationally as a standup comedian for over 25 years and is currently a SAG actor living in Los Angeles, CA

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